Pastor's Weekly Musing

Hey everyone!

Last Sunday we talked at length about the community that God gave David -- a distressed, discontented, indebted group -- and that this community was of primary importance in the formation of David's "heart for God".

WE'VE been given the same kind of community: the Island of Misfit Toys. It might not be what we expected, but it's exactly what we need.

And why? Well, for LOTS of reasons. But one of them is this: we won't be able to get through life without them. Just the presence of our community can get us through the most dire of circumstances.

In Homer's classic novel, The Odyssey, there's a part where the hero, Odysseus, is sailing with his crew on their way to their next quest. On the way, he finds out that he has to sail past the Sirens, the shrieking singers that cause anyone that hears their song to go insane and kill themselves.

But Odysseus finds out that he actually needs to hear a message FROM the Sirens in order to compete his quest. Quite the conundrum, right? How does he deal with this?

He tells his crew to sail right by the Sirens, to put wax in their ears so they can't hear their song, and to tie him to the mast of the ship so he can't do anything harmful when he inevitably goes insane. He knows he's going to thrash about, and scream bloody murder when he hears their song, but he assures the crew to sail on, regardless of what he screams at them, and once they get past the Siren's song, he'll snap out of it.

They do exactly that, and as expected, he goes nuts. But the crew, as instructed, sails on. And Odysseus gets his message and completes his quest.

We often go through similar stories, where life takes us through a season where we go a little nuts, and we need our crew to "tie us to the mast" until we come back to our senses.

That's our church community! Several hundred of us -- just like David' crew -- that are always here, always worshiping together, always growing, always loving, always reliable.

That's our church. I love this community!

Pastor Ronnie