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Below is a list of all of our ministry teams.
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The Facilities team is an integral part of preparing the campus for Sunday morning services as well as weekly/special events. This includes wiping down tables, sweeping the walkway, setting up for special events, moving tables/chairs, etc. Our heart isn't just labor, but rather striving to provide a place for people to connect and serve, a place where people who just want to be helpful can show up and serve.


This team serves Sunday mornings by helping people find their seats, passing out handouts, and most importantly being a friendly and inviting presence in the sanctuary.


The Hospitality team aims to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere to foster connection and fellowship among our Meadows family.  The  hospitality team does more than just prepare and serve coffee and snacks in the lobby. They also act as the frontline welcome center for all who come through the doors of Meadows, by answering any questions as well helping people navigate the property. 

Info Center

Our Info Center is responsible for welcoming new visitors, answering questions about all things Meadows, assisting people with serving, tithing, registering for upcoming events, community resources, and navigating our campus. At the Info Center our mission is to create a friendly and welcoming environment where all people who come through our doors feel welcomed, loved, and can get connected.


For ages 4 - 4th grade, our team teaches about the love of God in an engaging and fun atmosphere. Each age group has a lead teacher, who teaches from the curriculum provided by our Kids Ministry Director, and an assistant, who supports the teacher as needed. We also have a check in team that works in the Kids lobby to not only check students into their classes, but greet people as they enter the kids building. This is a vital role in the ministry, especially for new families.


For ages 0-3, our nursery team cares for the babies and toddlers of our families so parents are free to enjoy the service. This team always serves in pairs of two and serves in the classrooms in the main building.


Our security team’s purpose and mission is to ensure the safety of our church community anytime our campus is active. A background in law enforcement, military or security is required. 


Sound Ministry provides an atmosphere that is worshipful and free from distractions by making the sound as pleasant and natural as possible. We train all our volunteers extensively for this team. To join you must be tech savvy and have an ability to pick out and distinguish sounds in order to blend instruments and voices well. 


Our Visual team is responsible for the digital presentation displayed throughout our Sunday services. This team’s mission is to enhance the worship atmosphere and expand engagement levels by offering visual accompaniment to our worship songs, announcements, and sermons. The presentation is prepared for the team to present each week. Team members must have a basic understanding of using presentation software and the ability to keenly focus and follow verbal and visual cues to execute the presentation. 


Worship Ministry encompasses our Sunday morning and Wednesday night teams. We hold periodic worship labs for those interested in serving as a path to joining the team.