Pastor's Weekly Musing

Hey everyone!

Today, October 18, is a pretty huge day for me, for multiple reasons. First, it’s Portia’s and my 15thwedding anniversary. We’ve got a large meal from Fleming’s Steakhouse forthcoming. Which is nice. 

It’s also Pastor’s Appreciation month, and you guys have already flooded Portia and Iwith so many cards, gifts, gestures, etc. This church is awesome. We’re so loved.

It’s also the best sports month of the year, and today in particularis called the “Sports Equinox”, where there’s a game for all 4 major sports happening in the same day: an NFL game, a Baseball playoff game, NBA games, and NHL games, all taking place tonight. Amazing. (I promise I won’t be staring at my phone to check scores while at our anniversary dinner tonight. Much.)

Also, the weather has been in the mid-70’s for a good week now.

Also, at the end of this month, on November 1, Portia and I celebrate 3 years as Senior Pastors of Meadows Fellowship. What a great ride!

I’ve said it before, and I truly believe it: October is proof that Jesus loves us.