Pastor's Weekly Musing

Hey everyone!

As much as I love the Gospel, preach the Gospel, share the Gospel, and live and move and have my being because of the Gospel, I can still operate as though it's not true. I can still live as though I have to earn my keep with God, and that if I don't He's going to get back at me somehow.

It's like the guy who was driving his car up to a mountain lake for a vacation in a cabin, only to have a tire blow out on the way. After pulling over and putting on the spare, he drives a bit more only to have it start snowing heavily, forcing him to pull over again and put on chains.

After struggling to get them on, he finally finishes, only to have another car come along and slam into the back of his car. He then watches in horror as his car is pushed off a nearby cliff.

He continues up the mountain by foot, in the snow and sleet, feeling himself getting sick as he goes. Then, as he rounds the final corner, he sees that his cabin has just burned to the ground.

Rough day, huh? In exasperation, he yells, "Why me, God?"

The heavens part, and a voice comes from the sky: "Because some people just make me mad!"

As silly as that sounds, I can often act as though God feels exactly like that. When a bad moment turns into a bad day, in exasperation I can think God is somehow looking to settle the score, that I've failed Him and He's gotta make things even.

Maybe you've thought that's the way God feels about you. Maybe you think that whenever you've got a problem, it means God is upset with you. But that's not God's way. He's for you, not against you. If, like that man on the snowy mountain, you're experiencing difficult circumstances, it's not because God is mad at you. That's not a reflection of God's heart for you. In fact, the Bible says we can "rely on the love God has for us. God is love." (1 John 4:16 NIV)

God doesn't hold a grudge. That's not his nature. He says, "I am the God who forgives your sins, and I do this because of who I am. I will not hold your sins against you." (Isaiah 43:25)

If you have received Jesus as your Savior, then there is no condemnation because you are in Christ. Now let's take that truth and replace the old lies.