Pastor's Weekly Musing

Hey everyone!

One of the joys -- and frustrations -- of raising small children is getting them to sit still long enough for us to clean them. Two-year-olds seem to have a permanent case of the wiggles: they're almost incapable of sitting still.

And, of course, we laugh, play along, tickle them, and find a way to wash them up anyway. They aren't really ready to understand the concept: "I'm trying to help you, kiddo. You're dirty, and I'm trying to clean you, so sit still!"

I think God might feel the same way about me sometimes. I have "adult wiggles": there's almost always something on my mind that distracts me and causes me to have a non-stop, all-go, constantly-churning brain every day. And as He wants to talk with me, and love me, and wash me with His Word, I can't really understand the concept: "He's cleaning me. If I sit still for a bit, this might be really good for me."

The Bible says in Job 37:14 "Pause a moment, Job, and listen; consider the wonderful things God does."

What amazing advice: Pause. Listen. Consider what God has done.

As my mind races each morning to the thousand things I need to get done that day, I can almost sense God saying exactly that. And just like you with your two-year-old, God has a way of getting us clean even when we're oblivious to it, and even when we don't make it very easy on Him.

But may we join Him in the joy of the father-child relationship, and sit still long enough -- everyday! -- to be cleansed and loved by our Heavenly Father and His amazing Word.


Pastor Ronnie